Spring Resolution Refresh

Happy Spring from deep in the heart of Texas. With Spring in full force, 3D Communications is enjoying the sunny yet cool weather and looking at 2019, yet again. We all know that we start January 1st with many goals to tackle, but 3 months in, sometimes you loose track of those goals. So we are re-evaluating our New Year once again with a few tips from our Director, Dawn Ryden.

1. REVIEW. Review each of your goals that you set for 2019. Maybe you have achieved some of them but maybe some have put on the back-burner. Now is the time to review all of them. Give yourself a high five for the ones you have accomplished and evaluate the ones you haven’t Why haven’t these specific resolutions been a priority, what can you do now to make them a reality? Maybe the simplest tweak from “I am going to attend 2 networking events per month” to “I am going to attend one networking event per quarter” will make your resolutions more attainable.

2. PLAN. Here at 3D Communications, we are all about plans. That is how we work because you do not get a feature in Better Homes and Gardens or The New York Times overnight. We are constantly reviewing and revising our campaigns for clients to make it work. This is the same for resolutions. Make a plan….Sit down every week for 30 minutes to plan and execute your goals for 2019.

3. BE REALISTIC. Set goals and resolutions that you can obtain. Whether that is personally knowing how long you need to train for that marathon in 6 months or making actionable steps in business to achieve that much bigger goal. Set yourself up for success!

Re-evaluate your resolutions every 3 months. Celebrate your wins and don’t be hard on yourself if you did not reach that goal quite yet. Remember, it takes 21 days to make a habit!

Happy Spring!

Dawn Ryden